Kickin Hard 2001 - Various - June 2001 Part 1

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  • Nov 11,  · Various Craig Ferguson talk shows and compilation videos were edited together to create a new compilation video. == Order of appearance == * Alison Brie
  • Feb 18,  · Dutch House-label founded in in a joint effort of Hans Tieleman and Rene Bakker to set a new standard for dance-oriented record stores. In Mid-Town B.V. sold all the rights of its music catalogue to Cloud 9 Music. On the second of October Mid-Town Holding, Mid-Town Distribution and Mid-Town Records were declared bankrupt.
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  • May 02,  · Here is a label that must be respected. Lightly influenced by the Detroit Techno movement and directed by the good producer Heiko Laux, Kanzleramt has brought good quality releases these last seven years by the German producers who knew how to give a different approach to dancefloor driven tunes, sometimes with real sophisticated and dark atmospheres.
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