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  • ~Advocating World Peace, Preservation of Our Precious Mother Earth and L☮VE in the Hearts of Humankind~ L☮ve and Peace to All~We Are One♥ Music is the Univer.
  • Jul 22,  · The visions of peace created by thousands of participants simultaneously encircle the earth. It’s exciting to imagine the power of all that combined energy focused on the intent of creating a peaceful future. Participants engage their imaginations to focus on the world they wish to create.
  • It is not where Jesus currently is and it is not a comfortable place for two lovers to share love (which is what prayer is). When I come to Jesus, one of the four keys is “stillness,” so to be in extreme discomfort is disquieting, and thus counter-productive to me “becoming still.” Total peace feeling. He showed me a vision of me.
  • A personal vision statement allows you to look forward to the future with positive expectations for yourself. It helps you stay focus and will help you make decisions for future activities. Catherine Pulsifer, Write Your Vision Statement Positive; Knowledge is love and light and vision. Helen Keller Knowledge.
  • Peace is in the world where is a lot of love. Of course, everyone is different each other, having different backgrounds. Even if everything is different, when people can share the feeling of sorrow, anguish, and happiness each other with love. Peace would come to our world. Asato, Japan. Peace is a personal decision you make every day.
  • Vision of Peace hermitage is situated on the front corner of the property, offering both a river view and a view to the woods. Four hermitages are built into the bluffs facing into the woods: Beautiful Earth, Emmanuel, Jesus is Lord, and Holy Wisdom.
  • Vivid Sydney is a perfect time to reflect on its harmonious values with the eye catching sculptural installation A Vision: Peace, Love and Music. This colourful artwork by a multicultural collective of designers and artists from Sydney University presents large animated LED icons in neon light that represent peace, love and music.

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