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  • Jun 04,  ·  “I’ll Fly”, “When We Pray”, “Standing Out”, “In A Whirlwind”, “He’d Still Been God” and “What A Way To Spend Forever” send this album over the top. The early ’s was probably the strongest era for the Freemans.  The group picked up their first #1 song in and released two strong albums during this era.
  • Standing Out The Freemans; 10 videos; No views; Last updated on Jul 17, Standing Out by Freemans - Topic. Play next; What A Way To Spend Forever by The Freemans - Topic.
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  • Now in their 20th year, the Freemans, still do approximately dates a year, and continue to experience tremendous success. They pray that their ministry will continue to bless the lives of those they come in contact with. They truly are one of Southern Gospel music’s favorite families.
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  • The Freemans's songs: Listen to songs by The Freemans on Myspace, Standing Out. 7. We Shall See the King. The Freemans What a Way To Spend Forever. The Freemans. Standing Out. 3. Never a Man Spoke Like This Man. The Freemans.
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